Madu River


Madu River(“In Sinhala we called it as Madu Ganga”) is second largest wet land which is located at Balapitiya Sri Lanka.This was declared as wet land in 2003, in terms of Ramsar Convention. Madu River is a lagoon; also it is high ecological, biological and aesthetic significance place of Sri Lanka. This is enchanting river, which has vast bio diversity. Madu River(Ganga) has long been popular tourist destination in Galle for foreigners as well as local. This wet land spread across 915 hectares out of which 770 hectares is covered with water. It consists of 62 Islands including two main isles, Maaduwa and Kothduwa. The largest one is Maaduwa and Kothduwa Buddhist Shrine located in Kothduwa Isle which is more than 100 years old.

Two main islands are providing shelter for 480 families. Peeling cinnamon, producing cinnamon oil and fishing are some of occupations of the inhabitants. Various species of birds and plants are identified at Madu River(Ganga). Among those mangroves and Giant squirrels increase the aesthetic significance and bio diversity of Madu River(Ganga). There is Fish Therapy center in middle of the Madu River which facilitates foot therapy for visitors.

The Madu Queen Boat safari is the finest way to explore the Islands and nature of Madu River.